UK Piaget Replica Watches into the shell carving and metal Python technology in the tabulation process – Swiss Made

Superb extraordinary technology and abundant wonderful creativity are rooted in the Earl of Replica Piaget Watch bone marrow proud gene. The Earl of Piaget from the wrong art limits, even in the tabulation process with fresh technology produced the exquisite watch.

With God-given talent, skilled craftsmen to years of plastic on the way, with the tenacious will precipitate by technology, a peerless process.

Shell is a was born in the Eighteenth Century in carving art. It is based on a whaling ship spend their free time to send. Therefore, the whale teeth and walrus tusks are often used for this sculptural forms, people sometimes use the bones of mammals. Shell carving image is generally the Replica Watches picture book illustration in fishing or. At the time of the sewing needle seaman sail, ash and tobacco juice for coloring and modifying produced exquisite carving works.

The essence of carving art so far has no significant change, as accurate and delicate technique after the test of time past. Shell carving belongs to the needle type carving skills, which means carving material density must be high, the surface smooth and flawless, to ensure that the process of the master can be carved smooth fine lines on the top Replica Watches UK. The protection of endangered animal consciousness prompted Scrimshaw artists to have to find new materials. Fossilized mammoth ivory is therefore used as a substitute for ivory and whale teeth. It was strange beauty, and its lineage can be traced back to 40000 years ago.

The technology of Piaget Replica, master count invites shell carving circles the most prestigious, will this technology applied to dial sculpture and decorative.

Shell carving art requires comprehensive knowledge of painting and sculpture, Richard Maier is the field Master, in his hand, a stunning “world map” dial is born.

The Earl of Piaget Watch to draw inspiration from the ancient map, start a wonderful journey around the world.

The master sculptor in the count Piaget replica Altiplano watch dial surface shape of arch effect, marine and continental gradually forming in the sphere, then fine dots connected by the dashed line, or close packing, create pit and relief effect. The composition of fantasy

The world of fine details only under a magnifying glass to look. To portray the precision of the lines, the master sculptor from time to time to diamond grinding chisel needle contusion and micro carving knife.

In the carving process after the dial, the master began coloring to pattern with the ink, highlights the fine details and highlight contrast, gives the pattern vivid vitality. Black ink penetration into the works at the bottom, as into the infinite power to work. And subtle lighting effects make the moment not inked bring soft Matt – is suddenly thought it was a piece of parchment.

Swiss Piaget Watch Altiplano 38 mm watch a rose gold and platinum two kinds of styles, the dial is engraved with “world map” pattern, make an expert and rare watches collectors love.

Metal Miniatures

“Metal Miniatures” (bullion engraving) technology developed by the sculptor in Italy and. Traditionally, special the door technology in decorative knife and hunting weapons, and the name originates in Italy craftsmen use engraving tool. Because the python effect is extremely meticulous, can only be carried out under the microscope, carved along the points and lines, and the effect with different intensity by craftsmen carved.

Piaget Replica UK to apply this technique to the Altiplano dial celebrates its proudly status. Pattern Horse Metal python, first with the extension to the gold on the dial at the end of paper and pencil outline of the life-size sketch. Golden Eagle master under the microscope, the horse’s shape with the metal needle engraved in gold on the dial, and then use the body part of the metal polish horse gold Python technology flashing, to sophisticated craftsmanship processing details. The background pattern on the diamond stone chisel carved. The horse was the gray part, should be at a 90-degree angle Python and become, and the shadow of some deeper with the 80-degree angle engraved, metal Python pattern finally stages retouching work, completed by the craftsmen depends on image magnification technique.

Miniature horse logo after the oxidation process, the level of rich color blooming. Subsequently, artisans to cork and polishing paste to polish works, in order to increase luster. Finally, again with the ink color coated on the work surface, and polishing the last step.

Luxury Fake Piaget will be the great skill of condensate extraction into the wrist boutique, achievement masterpiece.

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