Swiss Hublot Replica Watches UK publishing Dynasty Polo Equestrian Club Limited Edition watch

Today, the Swiss Top Replica Watch Brands Hublot once again sounded the clarion call, in transboundary top watches and sports domain fusion world on the Pentium. Beijing Wenyu River, Hublot replica announced “Tang polo and equestrian club” officially reached a strategic partner, to become the club and the “2014 China open Polo Tournament” official time and official watches, and introduces the latest release of the Chukker Bang Dynasty Polo Equestrian Club Limited Edition watch to the media and guests, with passion and pride the flow never stops in the brand in the blood, to witness the success and failure of this field is full of the spirit of Knights of noble sport!

Hublot watches and greenfield limited Chukker Bang Dynasty Polo Equestrian Club

This really belongs to the king of sports, in this embodies the top elite circles, royalty, celebrities, business elite. Galloping speed, precision ball control force, to limit the physical strength and endurance requirements, top sports let Polo become the world’s billionaires in droves but daunting. And all these, and Replica Hublot Watches have always insisted on values coincide. They represent, not only is a symbol of wealth but is also a more mature and self-life attitude, life extension of unlimited expansion. But along with the increasing accumulation of wealth of the Chinese people, Polo also becomes one of the most successful Chinese personality of the dream.

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On September 9, 2014, to 21 people during the fourth session of the Chinese polo and equestrian club Polo Open tournament, as Asia’s top polo tournament, the tournament has grown into an internationally authoritative and influential Polo event in the world. From 2013 onwards, cheap Hublot for two consecutive years become the game’s official time, and the launch of Chukker Bang Dynasty Polo Equestrian Club Limited Edition watch in this glory, limited edition of 20 pieces. The 44 mm diameter carbon fiber case carrying the first black ceramic bezel, intended to create a polo sports watch is lightsome, comfortable to wear. Special this watch is bezel adding titanium metal fence, tightly bezel to protect the sapphire crystal mirror, inspiration of design comes from the Polo bar and polo, the wearer can always remove the barrier. Five o’clock engraved with the “Tang Polo” the three o’clock position, small second hand decorated with Tang Polo equestrian club logo, to commemorate the strategic cooperation with Tang Polo equestrian club. This watch with Polo flyback timing automatic chronograph movement, is unusual in a timer and a polo match in 7 minutes and 30 seconds of the round (Chukka) time echoes, small timer pointer operation one week for 30 seconds, this is also the name as Chukker Bang watches, Hublot Replicas for this is really great the sport of polo tribute.

In the world, HUBLOT and polo this is known as the “tip of the Pyramid movement” is long-standing cooperation. From the Spanish Soto Grande Polo Open Tournament (Hublot Polo Cup Sotogrande), Gus Todd Polo Gold Cup (Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad), Asike that Polo (Hublot Polo Cup in Ascona), to the Cortina winter Polo (Hublot Cortina Winter Polo Cup). Rolex is so noble, exciting and full of passion and polo attracted into them, perseverance and courage stood on the sidelines of the Hublot replica countdown will be faithful and precise inscription green battlefield on the Pentium. In 2011, Swiss Hublot designed for polo launched the limited edition watch Polo Chukker Bang, will be born with the noble temperament and top Swiss watch technology of the perfect fusion.

Talk about the cooperation, Hublot of Mr. Louis Bif, general manager of Greater China (Loic Biver) said: “the Polo is a noble sport, is a living art, its charm and rich king Breitling has been represented by the top luxury complement each other. Tang polo and equestrian club in just 4 years, achievement strikings, Hublot is honored very much can reach strategic collaboration with China top polo and equestrian club, and continue to provide precise timing for the club and represented the highest level China Polo Open tournament. We are looking forward to leading more China successful people to enter the kingdom of polo, experience and love the very spirit of the Knights of the movement.”

Tang polo and equestrian club founder and chairman of China Mr. Liu Shilai Polo first said: “I think the Polo is not just a luxury noble sport, it is a from the love of life experience of life. From the just concluded world cup can see Fake Hublot Watch UK for the movement of the passion and love for life, we have the same values, hope that through each other together, let the Polo became the Chinese elite class of the new way of life.”

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