Panerai Replica Swiss Watches Limited Edition Black Seal and Luminor Daylight UK

Swiss Replica Panerai launches limited edition watch, inspired by the 1996 version of the two most representative watch section, backtracking brand “pre-Vend me” of the classical period who. In 1993, Panerai replica introduced the first non-military special watch series; in 1997, the brand was awarded the Richemont group purchase. In between these two key years, Panerai made only a few hundred gold watch, these years along with the passage of time is more valuable, become the watch collectors scramble for the goal. The watch works witnessed from the past production practical Panerai watches, only a few collectors known, transforms into the process of international well-known senior sports watch brands.

And Panerai launched a special charming limited edition watch (PAM000785), the most representative of the brand to reproduce in the “pre-Vend me” kind of period two classic watch styles – Luminor Black Seal and Luminor Daylight. In 1996 two watches for American actor Si Weiss Stallone special order, he was a passionate lover of Panerai Replica, customized watch, is filming “most urgent” (Daylight).

Two wristwatches all limited production of 500 pieces, in particular, the watch introduced, present inspiration comes from the “pre-Vend me” who period Luminor Watch: exquisite rosewood watch box containing a statue of the frame in teak on the base of human torpedo model (also known as slow torpedo), but also with a valuable book volume, military equipment using data collected in Italy Navy special forces, of course including Panerai replica watches and instruments.

Two gold Luminor watch diameter was 44 mM, with Luminor shape and proportion of watches Panerai replica introduced in 1993, the reinterpretation of historic Lumino 1950 case, show concise design aesthetic appearance, durable. Watch and use classic crown bridge design, with the pressure rod protection crown and ensure that the watch is waterproof to a depth of up to 30 bar (about 300 meters).

Two styles of AISI 316L stainless steel case each treated different coatings. Case Luminor Black Seal by DLC diamond-like carbon (Diamond-Like Carbon) coated diamond structured carbon coating, gasification perfect sticky pay on the metal surface, forming a deep black, wear-resistant scratch-resistant, durable. The bottom of the watch cover is sealed, engraved “Official UK replica Panerai Firenze” and OP markers. Two Limited Edition watches and another respective dial design. Luminor Daylight is a white dial, complete digital hour mark, and details of labeled Luminor Black Seal minute, black dial only important digital time scale. Two gold watches are equipped with small seconds disc at nine o’clock position, this design also drawn from the former watch features, has become one of the brand elements Panerai Fake Watch has many years.

Two new Luminor Limited Edition watch the appearance of the faithful rendering of the 1996 design, built-in technology has been greatly improved: two gold watches are equipped with excellent quality of the P.5000 manual winding mechanical movement, completely by is located in Nor Shah Tell (Neuch “TEL) Panerai watch factory design and production, 8 dynamic storage (inspiration from 1940 on behalf of paragraph two is connected to a spring box drives). Movement, firm structure, two pieces of main plate cover most of the gear group, revealed retro charm, history tells the overall design brand, continue Luxury Swiss Panerai Replica watches traditions and characteristics.

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