Omega Replica Watches super Chronograph Black Ceramic Swiss UK Watch — “dark side of the moon” evaluation

The Omega Speedmaster Replica “dark side of the moon”, the feeling is not only the modern super ceramic version. OMEGA skillfully create this exquisite masterpiece, the feeling is beyond the stack of general parts. If you focus on small details, you will realize that this is not just a black ceramic material timepiece, it combines the super series table section of history and mystery. It is made of a special material, give a person a kind of both masculine and the design of cold feeling satisfied. When the world mark sports watch of promotion, you will appreciate the Cheap omega replica watches Speedmaster “dark side of the moon” style.

Speaking of ceramic theoretically not what luxury materials, but if you want to produce the best and accord with market products, in practice it is very complicated. Most other luxury cheap replica watches use ceramic is actually made by zirconium oxide powder, mixing of the ceramic base paint, and then into the corresponding shape. The ceramic need and then baking, actually this will narrow the gap between actual size because fire caused contraction of the reasons, to get the brand to the precise color and shape is not easy. Therefore, the most difficult part of ceramic work is to design products and complete each part. Once the design process is established, its production is relatively simple.

The Replica OMEGA Speedmaster “dark side of the moon” case is completely ceramic material, which comprises a watch case, a timing button, buckle, and even the dial, “zirconia” words can be found in the case back. Although in recent years OMEGA has been using ceramic bezel material materials used (mainly in the hippocampus and another marine universe) and Ladymatic case component, but as far as we know, the OMEGA Speedmaster “dark side of the moon” watch and the first watch is not made of ceramic, but first with full ceramic case OMEGA wristwatch. Ceramic is an important part of modern OMEGA watch production, while the OMEGA Speedmaster “dark side of the moon” is the application of ceramic materials, the long-term accumulation of results.

Special this replica watch uk ceramic case is a surface treatment process, this is also the understanding of the table a really important point why so attractive. Most ceramic watch the whole case is a surface treatment process, to be polished, also need some scrub treatment. While the OMEGA Speedmaster “dark side of the moon” ceramic case, completely imitates the metal surface treatment process for their super watch. This means that the lug and the upper part of the shell side (side) are drawing processing rather than polishing, which helps to reflect the personality of the watch, and is an important element of design.

Omega fully aware, black ceramic super version to be successful, you must be loyal to the traditional super. The Swiss Omega Replica Watches Speedmaster “dark side of the moon” provides a new material application of pure Speedmaster experience – in my opinion, this is the table of the popular key.

“Dark side of the moon” is engraved on the back edge, it is time to remind everyone, this is a very special watches because we rarely see the big brands in the table in paragraph back engraved names. I think OMEGA decided to write their names in the case back to the edge of really cool – of course, due to the large sapphire show through sake, and not much space can be lettering. Another unique element of the OMEGA Speedmaster “dark side of the moon” is not the traditional metal bracelet strap, super or crocodile leather strap (for the high-end 18K red gold section), it comes with a black Cordura strap, Cordura is mainly in leather lining coating fabric. Strap there is some red contrast stitching, this detail echoed red dial. The ceramic clasp is rare.

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