Latest Replica Cartier IDTWO Watches UK For Sale Online 2014

Replica Cartier continue to inspire creative ideas, promote research, showed two concept watch: Cartier IDONE and Cartier IDTWO watch, and through the new device of Japanese designer Yoshioka Norihito, visitors can exciting mode on the two concept watch Beitou for pole. Two concept watch simply named Cartier IDONE and Replica Cartier IDTWO, why? Because this is not the true sense of the watch. In other words, they have gone beyond the real meaning of the watch, is the watch belongs to the Cartier ID Watches plans to introduce the concept of the watch.

“ID” as “Innovation & Development” (abbreviation of innovation and development). “ID” is a word pronunciation, the concept is also with the French ” (Ides) the same…… this is used to express a design point of view, the only work indicates a design direction. According to Cartier Replica Watch know, more than two centuries ago, the industry has been limited deduction tabulation of the original re technology, to solve the presented highly accurate and reliable performance challenge. From the innovative design concept, the use of sophisticated materials and production of high-end technology and assembly of the Cartier concept IDONE watch was printed in 2010, in the use of the process without the need for any adjustment.

Through the Cartier concept IDTWO Watch, Cartier Replicas envisages a tabulation movement aimed at optimizing the concept of the power meter, the aim is to reduce energy consumption by 50% at the same time, also make the movement of energy storage increased by 30%. Brand watchmakers as in the past to start from zero, to find a solution unbelievable: the choice of new materials, production process design, complete the innovation of hitherto unknown. In addition, more to make a bold and brilliant idea: to seek a method to eliminate air resistance effect, why not from the source to eliminate air resistance? The answer is obvious: is to eliminate the existence of air! A dynamic storage for vacuum watch 32 days which was born!

Today, the Swiss Cartier new concept watch provides pioneering yet have good prospects of the technology of miniaturization and functional areas involved in other industry, the performance level to hitherto unknown height. The Cartier IDTWO concept watch: a master future rhythm watch. Cartier with the embodiment of acme technology and “not for the technology of the Cartier IDONE and Cartier IDTWO concept watch, provides a bold and innovative answer to research the absolute time…

Until October 12th, “Cartier Replica time” art exhibition will be held at the Shanghai Museum of contemporary art, this extraordinary exhibition will lead the visitors to deeply explore Cartier watchmaking history.

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