Introducing The UK Swiss Piaget Altiplano Chronograph Replica Watches

The people here. This is Piaget Replica a new introduction, it is really impressive stuff. Piaget was known for making as the world’s most complex watch. In fact, they are also in the mechanical watch the world’s thinnest, time. Today, they increase their respect plateau meet the new internal introduces, ultra-thin flyback chronograph. This is the real deal.

A new type of Piaget of the 41 mm timing function of 883p, the thinnest flyback Chronograph after the hand injury. The whole movement of the depth is 4.65 mm thick, there is a 50-hour 3Hz heart rate power reserve. But because this is thin does not mean that Piaget UK ate what – I mentioned flyback it, vertical clutch and column wheel.

The new bore this impressive is the complete cycle Co. ties de gene round particles VE, mainplate, the slope of the bridge and lovely, and carved mainplate weapons, Piaget’s coat, color, blue steel screws.

Replica Piaget is well-known things, this watch not only set time recording thin but also for the watch itself, which is only 8.24 mm thick. But perhaps this watch the most interesting thing is, Piaget Watch chose not to stop the clock, but also add a second-time-zone. Yes, registered in the nine-point is actually a time scale, means that this is a 30 minute timer, running second, and the second time zone.

Now some may prefer Piaget replica to provide counter 60 minutes or even an hour register at this time, but I really like it GMT Chronograph – easy to my two most useful complications. The Swiss Piaget Replica plateau time can in gold in 41 mm or platinum brilliant cut diamonds around the border of the rose. We can expect in the white metal SANS stone next to see this watch if the previous version from Piaget tell us what.

Again, the introduction of the new Piaget Replica Watches once again prove how badly Piaget by its tab – incredible. On the plateau time, the price will be $29000, it should be available next year autumn. More here.

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