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Breguet brand with its persistent innovation spirit and strength and let people dumping its creativity and originality never passes along with the time and weaken. Today Replica Breguet achievements more than ever, since 1999, first in the Nicholas Hayek. Drive, now in the Mark Hayek. Under the leadership of the brand, strength has greatly increased, a short period of ten years has obtained 111 invention patents, the number of new invention sum over brand have won the invention patent. As the first with instantaneous jump time zone display, synchronization date memory, mechanical watch day/night and the city indication function, Breguet replica Classique 5717 Hora Mundi classic series time zone watch not only perfect inherited Fake Breguet brand enduring spirit of innovation, also make up the brand founder had a chance to set foot in the design of the GMT time zone watch features small regret.

At first glance, Breguet Replica Watches Classique Hora Mundi classic series time zone watch is not at all like the GMT time zone table, because it only has a set of the hour and minute hands, veliger not typically used to display a second-time-zone affiliated veliger in time, the minute hand. However, through the innovation design a mechanical memory system a set of hands and the surface of the watch only, the user can through the light at the eight o’clock position crown instant jump to a preset another time zone local time, but also through the “tracking” calendar system to realize synchronization date and day/night indicator. Mechanical memory was able to achieve this breakthrough, largely due to the timer structure, in stopwatch, heart-shaped cam and cam hammer for the watch hand zero. Breguet knockoff Classique Hora Mundi classic series time zone watch using two separate cams are respectively connected to a separate gear is driven by the drive chain on the watch. The six o’clock position display settings window by which time zone, a heart-shaped cam position is changed.

Breguet Replica Watches

Time zone switching cam hammer which will cause a heart-shaped cam and the cam is connected to the drive gear to rotate, until the cam hammer in the heart chakra at the top. The continuous press will cause two heart wheel position back and forth movement, switching of achieving two big setting time zone. Of course, in fact far more complex than the above description. Because the hands must be driven simultaneously by the Swiss replica watches drive up and heart wheel position. This means that there must be a differential, can accept and combined with two different kinds of energy input, a transmission from the watch Lian, another is from the two heart-shaped cams.

The two time of mechanical memory system Classique Hora Mundi classic series Breguet replica time zone watch alone seems to have been enough to become a significant progress time zone watch design, but this is only a part of its function. When the replica watch uk in the different time zone between switching time, date and day and night display also switch, watch the user to easily grasp the time zone of the date and time at the same time, also not in the middle of the night 3 points to another time zone friends.

The Breguet, a remarkable chronometer works not only confined to the exquisite design and innovative technology, but it should also be more people carrying on the acme of beauty and taste of life’s limitless pursuit, which is the value and significance of Classique Hora Mundi series of classic replica Breguet watch reveal the time zone. As the year advocate travel Abraham – Mr. Louis Pau and today are keen to travel people jointly uphold the attitude of life, whether in the Eighteenth Century Paris watch embankment or Beijing today The stream never stops flowing. in the busy street, travelers only with the wrist when the instantaneous change region, then in the Breguet Replicas watch the borderless world heart Lingxi the distant sea.

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